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wasted lolita [18 Apr 2004|09:27pm]
we regret to inform you that bitchmagnet is dead.

all hail the rise of wastedlolita
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vivicka & incredible sulk [18 Apr 2004|12:44pm]
last night i went to see friends bands. rochelle's band, incredible sulk, were on first. they were fucking tight as. it was hard to believe that it was their first gig! the vocalist lisa has really strong stage presense, & commands lots of attention just by standing there - sort of like pj harvey. her lyrics are great also, i love the way she sings so dramatically. her vocals are like a theatre performance. the songs were rather great indeed, my favourite being, of course, "corporate motherfuckers". the last song went off also, it has developed a lot since i last heard rochelle playing it in a tiny little rehearsal room six months ago. the entire show was really good (which is quite rare for a band's first gig!). musically they're hard to pinpoint, sort of like a more punky/noisy version of skulker. in short, incredible sulk were great, & if they had a cd, i'd buy it.

the next band was vivicka. bianca is a fucking hot rock star goddess who doesn't really need an introduction. she transforms all the straight girls around her into lesbian just by standing there. & when she picks up her guitar & sings it gets amplified tenfold. need i say more?

i missed the last band, porn librarians, because the night had turned into another passing out/pukey mess for me. i was puking so hard that i got a nosebleed! it was gross. i think this past week has indicated that i should stay away from vodka bottles for a while.
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help! [17 Apr 2004|02:47pm]
i have writers block. seemingly severe writers block. not a good thing to have when my story is due in on monday.
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all is well again [16 Apr 2004|02:53pm]
chris found my wallet i <3 you.
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stolen wallets, failed essays & drunken humiliation [14 Apr 2004|11:29am]
last night my wallet got stolen. it had all my cards (including my bank card) in it. i thought maybe i dropped it somewhere but spent all night ringing up the places i went to & it's nowhere to be seen. not only is it inconvenient because it had all my cards in it that i can't afford to replace (as well as cash i can't afford to lose), but also because it had sentimental photos & letters from this girl i used to go out with that can't be replaced.

i passed out in the toilets @ pure smith st, too. i puked everywhere, as well as making a complete ass of myself infront of everyone. oh yes, the humiliation! it was weird though because i didn't really drink all that much. it must have been because i drank while still shaken up about the bashing i saw @ flinders st on monday. last night i learned the hard way not to drink vodka when you're in a state of shock!

to make my day yesterday even worse, i spent 2 hours travelling to la trobe only to find everything locked up, meaning yet again i wasn't able to pick up important notes i need for an essay that's due monday. i keep busting my guts to get my hands on them but it's just not happening. ironically, they're notes which were supposed to be in the subject reader i paid fucking $35 for, but the professor accidently fucked up the photocopying for, meaning that 9 pages are missing which should be there. why should i have to bust my guts tracking them down & stressing out when he's the one who stuffed up? i emailed my tutor yesterday asking for an extension but i have a feeling he's going to say no, or just ignore it as he's done with all my other emails.

mum is scared i'm having a breakdown. it's sort of cute.

sorry for the "woe is me" self-pitiful post. i sound more histrionic than medea. but i need to vent dammit. besides, in the words of chris, "isn't that what livejournal is for"?!
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shocked & shaken up, & demoralized with the concept of humanity [13 Apr 2004|01:07am]
i just returned from seeing this man get brutally bashed at flinders st. this asshole just came up to him & started punching his head for no reason. it happened a few centimetres away from me - i was walking a metre behind the guy who got bashed when it happened so i saw everything. the attacker brushed up against me as he grabbed the guy infront of me, & i was caught in the middle of them for a second, trying to get away. by the end of it, the back of his head had been gashed open with a knife & he was lying unconscious in pools of blood (still streaming). his friend yelled "hey, he's still breathing, finish him off". then he bashed him more. i kept yelling at the guy to stop it but he didn't listen. then the police came & asked if anyone witnessed it. i said i did, but before i had a chance to explain, another policewoman pushed me out of the way & told me to go away. she thought i was just gawking. i rang the police station before to give a statement but they were really rude to me. they took my name though. i puked afterwards. i've never witnessed anything like that before. that poor poor guy. just a man on his way home. i hope he's okay. i feel guilty for not doing anything, but i was just too shocked to think. plus, what else could i have done?

how the fuck could someone do that to another human being? why would they want to? it makes me so sad & angry that there are such assholes everywhere.

i don't want to live in a world where people hurt other people for no reason at all. where women are raped for simply being women, & my own friends joke about it. where children starve in africa every day & capitalism turns a blind eye. where george bush drops bombs on innocent children and gets applauded for it. i don't want to live in a world like this.

the concept of humanity is dying fast, & tonight i witnessed that firsthand. what's a world without humanity?
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stood up [11 Apr 2004|05:10pm]
i told dozens of people about the gig, & not one single person bothered to come. not even one. that's awful. when we get famous & make our first record, not one of you are getting your names on the liner notes (except igitha)! & no more free hugs, either!
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free hugs [09 Apr 2004|09:38pm]
to all the people who have enquired about my icons site, it's now up and running again here: http://bitchmagnet.cjb.net

on tuesday i hugged chris's cat & met his nephew. it was lovely indeed! but chris is mean because he wouldn't let me kidnap the cat. that evening i fainted at work. it was unexpected & tremendously embarrassing. i need to get more sleep. on a more lighter note, sonic youth are coming! sonic youth are coming! sonic youth are coming! i purchased my ticket last friday. now all i need is a foolproof way to kidnap lee & brainwash him into marrying me.

whoever comes to our gig tomorrow will receive one complimentary hug*

* terms & conditions apply. limit of one hug per customer per day. quality of hugs may vary depending on attractiveness of customer. not exchangeable for cash value. may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
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